HTML5 Canvas Crazy Balls

A few months ago I developed a small javascript application that renders ‘crazy balls’ in HTML5 canvas. The balls move in random directions, change size and direction at random times. When they hit the borders of the canvas they bounce and eventually change their size.  See below the application in action.

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First Android App: Touch Controlled Cube on Samsung Galaxy S2

A couple of weeks ago I started to tinker with android programming. After reading some articles in android developers guide I developed my first application. It is a simple application that draws a cube in a 2D canvas. The cube can be controlled with touch input. Below you may see the video of the application in action. I have tested the application on a Samsung Galaxy S2.

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5 Cool OpenGL Demos in VB.NET

A couple of months ago I decided to use OpenGL with .NET. So I needed to choose an OpenGL wrapper for .NET. After a short research I chose the OpenTK library. To try it out I developed some simple demos and I uploaded some videos of them on my youtube page.

In this post I will show some videos of the projects I have developed so far. In later posts I will share the source code of each project.

UPDATE: I have uploaded the source code of these and other OpenGL demos on my github space.

1. Loading and animating Quake 2 (MD2) models

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3D Starfield in HTML5 Canvas

This article will show you how to create a 3D starfield using HTML5 Canvas. Below you can see the 3D starfield in action (well, if your browser supports HTML5 canvas).

An interesting aspect of this simulation is that the stars that are far away look smaller and darker than closer stars.

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A Simple 3D Room made with DirectX and C++

Today, while messing around with an old backup disk, I found a DirectX 9 project I made back in 2005. It is an application that renders a 3D room and allows the user to navigate inside it in first person camera. I developed this application to test a 3D engine I was developing at the time. The video below shows the 3D application in action.


I will just share the main file module of the project. To get the rest of the 3D engine files, consider following me on twitter or facebook, or ask in the contact page. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you a have a doubt or suggestion.

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How to Draw A Cube Using PHP

PHP is one of the most used languages for web development, and it is often used to generate HTML pages. Today, I will show you how to use it to make something different. We will make a script to draw a 3D cube.

The image below shows an output from the PHP script. Click the image to draw another cube.

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Arduino LED Bar Graph with a 4017 Counter and Potentiometer

In this tutorial I will show you how to drive a LED bar graph using an arduino and a potentiometer. This is fairly easy to do and a nice tutorial about it already exists on the arduino website. This tutorial will be different in that we will use a 4017 counter to save pins from the microcontroller. Additionally, I will demonstrate the concept of “persistence of vision”.

See below a video of the circuit in action.

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Arduino LED Bar Graph Driven by a 4017 Counter

In this tutorial, my primary objective is to show you how to make a simple LED animation using a LED bar graph and an Arduino. My secondary objective is to share with you a trick to save pins of the Arduino using a 4017 decade counter circuit. The video below shows what we will be making.


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3D Starfield made using Python and Pygame

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a pretty cool 3D Starfield simulation using Python and Pygame.

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Rotating Solid Cube Using VB.NET and GDI+

In my last tutorial I have shown how to make a wireframe cube using VB.NET and GDI+. Today, we will work on the code from that tutorial in order to make a rotating solid cube.

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